Donna Fielding, Chief Human Resources Officer

Recruiting Scam Alert

Thank you for your interest in a career with us. Please explore our current job opportunities and start your new journey here. However, as a major employer in several areas of the country, we want you to be aware of a broad, ongoing recruiting scam that has come to our attention. Fraudulent recruiters have been on the rise since 2018, and although many have been detected, many more continue to populate the job seeker market with seemingly legitimate scams.

These recruiting scammers take advantage of job seekers by pretending to be an executive with a high-profile company like Global Industrial, as well as other Fortune 500 corporations. Job seekers are contacted by phone, email or text, or by fabricated offer letters – complete with company logo – and then the scammers engage them in phone or online “interviews”. The victim is asked to complete an “employment” form or otherwise provide sensitive personal information (birth dates, social security numbers, bank information, etc.) allowing the thieves to engage in identity theft, to access bank accounts, or charge a “recruitment fee”.

Please be wary of any offer that sounds “too good” or if the salary range is much higher than you have asked for, or where “the job is yours” even though the “recruiter” really knows very little about you.

Here are a few other things to watch for:

  • Communications that are unsolicited or unexpected, or are from an individual or website with which you are unfamiliar, or whose domain name is inconsistent with that used by the actual business
  • Correspondence from free email accounts, like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. A Global Industrial employee will not solicit candidates through any non-Global Industrial website, email address or phone number. We also do not use video chat rooms (e.g., Google Hangouts) to conduct interviews.
  • Correspondence or emails with typos, grammatical errors, or incorrect tense. These are usually signs of a scam.
  • Any “recruiter” who requests payment to participate in the hiring process. Many of these scammers call it a “starter kit” or an advance investment in the training you will need, or blatantly call it a recruitment fee. We will never ask any candidate to pay any money at any point in the hiring process with the exception of reimbursable travel expenses. In addition, any payments made by Global Industrial will be from our official company account with the company logo and proper address. Please do not trust checks from any other source. Once deposited, the scammers may be able to access your bank account information.
  • Any communication that is vague in the job description or extends an offer without an actual interview in person at the company facility.
  • A "recruiter" who cites a resume listing site that is not familiar.
  • Any request at the application phase for your social security number, insurance number, date of birth, bank account information, or other sensitive personal information.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Contact your local law enforcement; as the victim, you must make the formal complaint.
  • Contact representatives at your bank, any brokerage you do business with, and any other accounts where you have money held, and advise them of the scam/contact you experienced.
  • If you use any identity theft protection service, advise them of the scam/contact you experienced.
  • Report anything you perceive as fraudulent job-related activity to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Check their profile on or view the company page for their "employer".
  • Google their name plus the word 'scam' and search.
  • Ask them for client references.
  • Check that their email nomenclatures match that of the company.

Please contact us immediately at if you have received a career opportunity communication from Global Industrial that you think may not be legitimate. We will be happy to verify the veracity of the opportunity or confirm its deception.