Global Culture

Our 70 years in business has taught us that having the right culture is essential to the continued success of a company. Culture is something best experienced firsthand, so browse through our pages to see pictures and videos highlighting how we value and encourage our employees. We hope you can feel our authenticity and dedication to an employee-centric culture. If so, we look forward to the prospect of speaking with you directly.

Global Sports

Here at Global the competitive fire extends beyond the office walls! We field a number of competitive sports teams across our various locations including softball, basketball, volleyball and curling (yes – that says curling). Our locations are also outfitted with ping pong tables and nerf basketball – with tournament play popping up on a regular basis! So let us know your sport of choice – we may add air hockey or soon field a cricket team!

Promoting Good Health

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, which includes both the mind and body. Through our many wellness initiatives, we help to promote proper nutrition, weight loss strategies, meditation, yoga, smoking cessation, and much more. To further assist in the wellness of our employees, most of our facilities have on-site gyms, and we offer discounted memberships to area sports clubs.

  • A Full Calendar Year Of Celebrations

    What can we say – we like to celebrate! We also have an awesome summer barbecue, Bring Your Child to Work Day, catered luncheons for in-house events including a Thanksgiving Pot Luck lunch, and the year-end celebration to name a few. And for our International teams, you can add Boxing Day (Canada), Diwali (India) or Chinese New Year (China). There’s always something to celebrate at Global Industrial! Take a look at our pics at the right!

  • Sports Central

    Our sports teams are the B-E-S-T best! And across our network we’ve got a team for every season. Our two-time championship basketball team - Global Warming - heats up the courts on a regular basis in winter striking fear in the hearts of their opponents. Our spring softball team - Global Storm - plays hard in early summer to knock it out of the park; the volleyball team - Global Spikers - are spiking and sweating it to win it! And our curling team- Industrial Curling - or what we like to call our “chess on ice” team, plays the ice in the heart of winter. Don’t forget onsite Ping pong and Nerf basketball - perhaps the most competitive of all the teams we field!  Maybe you want to start your own team - or just pick your sport and join the fun!  

  • Wellness Programs - For The Body And Mind

    Our wellness programs embrace all the ways we can get and stay healthy. We take wellness seriously and we like to reinforce the importance of balancing the mind and body. We recognize wellness means different things to different people therefore we present traditional methodologies, alternative medicine, and holistic remedies in equal measure. So, you can get your blood pressure tested, have a healthy snack, gauge your aura, as well as have your nutrition and health assessed to reach personal fitness goals. And when the masseuses are on site, most of our employees take advantage to work out the kinks! Our focus on wellness strives to provide support and expertise about health to all employees.